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Spriak Party Lights

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So what’s so great about this disco light?
It’s FUN!! LOL

I always loved lights that dance along with music. Just laying back and watching the lightshow with my favorite tunes, or just relaxing with a book and the dancing lights before going to sleep.

I have a couple different lights in my bedroom that I use while reading just before I go to sleep.

This party light by Spriak is so portable I can take it outside and set the mood for a late night swim.

This light comes with a bracket so you can attach to a wall or bench, or just let it free stand. The light swivels in the bracket so you can place the lights at just the right angle for your viewing preference.

The best part is the remote control. None of my other party lights have a remote. So now I have to say this is my favorite light yet.

The remote does everything; turn on/off, set color combinations, set music and on and on. Great small compact design yet the light spreads a long distance across the ceiling and walls.

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