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AGPtek Hummingbird Solar Powered Light

AGPtek Outdoor Hanging Decorative Hummingbird Solar Powered Light Color Changing LED Lamp for Garden/Courtyard/Patio/Wedding/ Party

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Solar Powered Light
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About this hummingbird solar powered light (Straight from the product page.)
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AGPtek Hummingbird Solar Powered Light

UNIQUE DECORATION – Add some unique hanging decoration to your outdoor space with AGPTEK® own design solar powered hummingbird. Featuring a color changing LED hummingbird at night; calmly and softly changing from one color to the next; adding some unique & awesome decoration to your lawn, garden, patio, yard, etc.
AUTO TURN ON/OFF – These solar hummingbird lights are maintenance free. The solar panel on top harnesses the sun’s energy and charges the batteries in the daytime and auto light up at dusk. No wiring and no batteries to replace or recharge.
LONG USING TIME – Includes a powerful 600 mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of operation on a full charge. LED Color changing bulb lasts 50,000 Hours.
FAST & EASY INSTALLATION – Comes fully assembled; simply take out of the box and hang it at the location of your choice.
SIZE – Size of ball: 5″ Diam. Full Size of light when hanging: 11.8″ Height.

So what’s so great about this decorative wind catcher?
It is sooo pretty watching the colors of the hummingbird change at night. Once the sun goes down and its dark out, the solar powered hummingbird comes to life with a festival of changing colors. I just love it.

How does the Solar Powered Light work
Hang the hummingbird twirler solar light in a bright sunny area of your yard. There is a built in ring to hang it with at the top. Turn the switch located at the top side to the on position. This will allow the battery inside (included and installed) to be activated and suck in the power of the sun to charge.

The hummingbird twirler is neat to look at during the day too. When the wind blows the geometric spiral spins giving a very cool effect. The hummingbird twirls along inside waiting to give its show in the evening. The hummingbird solar Powered light will turn on and entertain you for hours.

Hummingbird Solar Powered Light

This hummingbird solar powered light is sooo pretty at night

Powered by the sun makes this very economical to use. If you are not going to be around for a bit, flip the switch in the off position and the light will stop charging. If you decide to pack it away say for the winter I would suggest taking the battery out first. It’s easy to do, just unscrew the little screws from the top and carefully open the control area up and remove the battery. Don’t worry, the company sends along a little direction paper to show you how to do everything. If you have any problems or questions go ahead and contact the products customer support. They are there to help and are very friendly and quick.

Words of wisdom
I do recommend taking the solar powered light down in windy weather. I think the little wire could get damaged leaving the light inoperable. In fact, I left mine out and the wire didn’t break but the metal twirler thing came off the top leaving it to slide down the wire and hang on the bird.

I was able to fix it and it wasn’t hard at all. At the top of the twirler part, between it and the top base there is a metal shaft that screws up into the center of the top part of the unit. (Is this making any sense lol?) Well anyway if you are still following me, I just had to remove the 4 little screws on the top and screw the shaft back up inside. Put the screws back and we are back in business.

Final verdict

Safe Buys 4 U recommends this hummingbird solar powered light from AGPTEK as a safe buy 4 U.

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