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Planet Wise Products Best Dog Poop Bags


Planet Wise Products Best Dog Poop Bags 630-Count,Pet Waste Removal No Leak Plastic with Dispenser Leash Clip Bag Holder-Litter Disposal System, 42 Refill Rolls Unscented-100% Guarantee!

by Planet Wise Products

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Why I wanted this (item) my needs
I suppose I will eventually pick up 630 piles of dog poop in my lifetime, but it sure isn’t my favorite thing in the world to do. LOL at lease with these Planet Wise dog poop bags the nasty job will be a lot easier. Best of all, these bags are biodegradable. That is one heck of a big ++ as far as world is concerned.

So what’s so great about it?
No more carrying those larger grocery bags around anymore. These dog poop bags are just the right size even if you have a big dog to clean up after. Just put your hand inside a bag and pick up the poop pile, then turn bag inside out and tie up the package. It’s just that easy.

These Planet Wise Products Best Dog Poop Bags also come with a really cute bag dispenser that you can hook right onto your pet’s leash. The end opens up, you just drop in a roll of bags, attach to leash, snap the leash onto your pooch and you’re on your way with your best friend to get some fresh air and exercise.

How well I liked
I never thought I’d be so happy about a poop bag, but these are really better for your dog, the earth and easier for me dealing with those days when he just has to go on the way.

The only thing I don’t like about these bags are, they are see through. I still get embarrassed carrying around a bag of poop, but now that you can see through the bag too….total red face.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends Planet Wise Products Best Dog Poop Bags
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Almago Pet Nail Grinder

Almago Pet Nail Grinder – Gentle Paws Premium Electric Pet Nail Grooming Trimmer Clipper For Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits, BirdsPet Grooming

by Almagope     #ALMAGOPETNAILGRINDER       Watch my YouTube Video here.

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Why I wanted this nail groomer?
My dog’s nails grow quite fast and it is expensive to keep taking him into the vet or a groomer. I wanted this to take the sharpness out of his nails right after a nail trim.

Is it working?
I have been using (or trying to use) this pet nail grinder on my little buddy. He already knew right out of the package what it was and off he went. I waited till when he had a quiet time on the couch next to me, scooted him onto my lap and gave it another try. Held him and his foot and turned on the grinder, wiggle-wiggle, squirm, gone.

I don’t think I will ever be able to do his feet alone. I need an experienced handler or I could hold, if only my husband would help me. He (husband) doesn’t want to be the “bad guy” so no help there.

I’m sure it would work well if only he’d let me at his feet. He has a real bad foot problem as in, “don’t you dare touch my feet.” So I guess I’m still stuck taking him to a groomer. Dang, they cost so much and I don’t know anyone I can trust. He has been hurt by them in the past and hates going.

So what’s so great about it?
It is durable and really very nice. There are 3 adjustments you can use. One small, one a little bigger and if you remove the cap off the grinder you’ll have the whole grinder exposed and can use that too.

I like the Almago pet nail grinder and believe it should last for a long time just make sure your batteries are charged well. I had been a vet tech for over 10 years and really could have used this in the clinic. Most animals wouldn’t mind it. The sound isn’t bad but it is something that you can hear well and it does vibrate a little. It would work great on large bird beaks as well as any animal with nails. I think you could even use it on teeth that are overgrown such as on a squirrel instead of a dermal. Dermal are very powerful and rather scare me when using on animals.

Almago offers a serous guarantee with the pet grinder. If for any reason you are not happy, get your money back. I will be keeping mine as it works great on my own nails, LOL and maybe I’ll have another puppy sometime that I can train early to not mind it.

So anyway about this product. First, it is NOT electric. It is battery only operated. Takes 2 AA batteries, not included.

How well I liked this nail grinder groomer?
Safe Buys 4 U recommends Almago Pet Nail Grinder
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Customized Embroidered Dog Collar by Mix Paws

Mix Paws TM – Personalized Customized Embroidered Dog Name Adjustable Nylon Collar For Dog, Pet, Puppy, Black, Red, Pink, Purple

by Mix Paws

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Package arrived fast and without incident. It was so easy ordering and they shipped it pretty fast too for being customized.

Why I wanted this personalized dog collar
I really like this personalized dog collar. It is really a lot of fun for us to baby our little baby. We also have gotten him a t-shirt that reads, “You’re not the boss of me”. We love him and for us, it’s just fun. For anyone else, you could easily have your phone number, address, vets number etc. embroidered on the collar for those dreaded just in case moments.

A little about the item
I picked the black adjustable nylon collar with the red embroidered lettering.
I believe I picked the medium size 12” – 19”. My baby’s’ neck is around 15” so this collar is plenty big, but easily adjustable to the size that fits him best.

I had Mix Paws personalize the collar with, The Boss “Master” Vinny. That ended up being too many letters, so they contacted me and I changed it to, The Boss Master Vinny. I thought that was pretty good of them to let me know instead of going ahead and editing it themselves just in case I wanted to change it entirely.

So what’s so great about this item?
This personalized customized embroidered dog collar is well made and has a nice plastic clip to open and close around the pets neck. It’s not cheap, It will last a long time. The embroidery work is very good and the collar also has a metal loop attached for you to add on your pet tags, license, rabies, ID, and Home Again tags.

Anything I might change about the collar
The only suggestion I have for Mix Paws is to start the embroidery closer to the front end of the collar if it’s a longer name or address. This way when the collar is adjusted down for the smaller babes, the plastic adjuster might not cover up the embroidered lettering. Otherwise SOOO happy with it.

Would I recommend or buy again?
Absolutely! Very nice nylon adjustable, personalized dog collar.
Safe Buys 4 U recommends this Customized Embroidered Dog collar by Mix Paws TM

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Dog Calming Treats by K9 Nature Supplements

Dog Calming Treats Complete Calm Supplement for Reducing Stress & Separation Anxiety in Dogs 100 Natural Soft Chews

by K9 Nature Supplements

My poor little boy is afraid of the rain, thunder, lightning, gunshots, fireworks and the list goes on. I feel so bad for him. He spends much of his time hiding under a blanket we keep over a recliner chair. Living in Florida, it often times thunders all day long. We don’t necessarily get rain, but there is still noise. Poor guy holds his potty for countless hours because he is afraid to go outside to relieve himself.

I found these calming treats and was really hoping they would give him some peace. He doesn’t like them, so I have to smother them in peanut butter or hide in meat. He’s easy to fool that way but no way will he eat them plain. He won’t eat when he is scared either, so trying to give him a treat at that point is well, pointless.

I’ve been giving these dog calming treats to him when we leave the house for a while and he stays home. He does seem to be calmer when we come home, still happy to see us but not panicky.

GREENIES PILL POCKETS Soft Dog Treats, Chicken, Capsule, 15.8 oz.

When hurricane Matthew blew trough I was prepared and started giving these nature supplements. He was actually very good. He didn’t seem to be shook up at all. However, we didn’t have any thunder, just wind and dark skies.

The label directions needs some work. It tells you that you should give a dose about 30 minutes before a stressful situation, but it doesn’t let you how often you can give one. My guy falls in the 0-25 pound range so I gave him one in the early afternoon. He was great even sat outside with us on the deck. I didn’t know how long they lasted so before the situation went from good to ugly, I have him another. That was maybe around 10 pm. The next morning I gave him another….then got “spoken to” for giving them to him without knowing how often they could be given. So, the manufacture should really put a few more directions on the label. Other than that…I like them.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends Dog Calming Treats Complete Calm Supplement by K9 Nature Supplements to see how they could relieve you pet from stress.

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#1 Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

1 Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats – Made in USA Only – No Fillers, Additives or Preservatives – One Ingredient: USDA Grade A Chicken – Great For Training/Bribing Your Pet – 100% Empty Bag Satisfaction Guarantee

by Emmy’s Best

This premium chicken jerky comes in an 8 oz. bag and is packed with goodness.

What I like the best is that it’s American made, no china or anywhere else outsourcing. I trust the food and treats I give my pets when I know it has followed strict standards before the product was put in the bag. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just trust everything that’s made in America, but it is a big load off my mind knowing that.

That’s what I like…my dog, he LOVEs theses. I would say it’s his favorite snack of all time. I leave the bag sit on the coffee table and at least once a day he’ll go over to it, sit and stare. If I dare ignore him, he’ll speak up and get my attention until he gets his way. He always gets his way too, by the way.

What makes this chicken jerky dog treats so special from others? It’s the ingredients, chicken. That’s it, just chicken. I feel so good about feeding him theses and he’s all about the treats. Eating is his passion.

I know these treats are a bit expensive, but if you don’t mind spending, try these out. I bet your dog will love them as much as mine does. If he doesn’t, there is a Paw’s promise of 100% satisfaction. (Please don’t take advantage of this off if you don’t need to. The price will eventually just go up higher, thanks.)
PAW’S PROMISE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If Your Pet Doesn’t Love Them, Send Back the Empty Bag and We Will Refund Your Purchase.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends #1 Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats by Emmy’s Best

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