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Incidental Hero by Avi Domoshevizki

Incidental Hero: International Conspiracy Thriller

by Avi Domoshevizki       #IncidentalHero

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About This Book From The Description…

In a world contaminated by greed and politics, the line between right and wrong can get blurred.

Tom is a high-tech genius leading a successful software start-up. An unforeseen financial crisis nearly spells doom for his company. When an unexpected $6 million contract is offered, he and Judy, the shrewd CEO, jump on it. As things turned out, that might not have been such a good idea.
Mystery, romance, and political intrigue in a sophisticated thriller that will leave you breathless.
A series of unexplained events forces Tom to deal with deception, death, love, and loyalty. Sharon, Tom’s wife, disappears. His company is at stake. His country stands on the brink of war. With his family and business in ruins, he is drawn into the shadowy realm of espionage and conspiracy, where ambiguity is the only rule, and where he can trust no one.
A suspenseful glimpse into the mysterious secrets of the cyber world.
With a blistering pace and an inimitable cast of engaging characters, Incidental Hero grips the reader’s heart and mind, and will have you turning pages well into the night.

What I thought about this book
I just finished reading this Kindle Edition of Incidental Hero by Avi Domoshevizki. It was a pretty good story, the author wrote it well. I was taken pretty much right from the beginning. Some books take several long chapters before the reader starts really getting into the story. Not this one.

There was a lot of twists to the story and the ending was a little unexpected, which is always good. It’s more fun reading when you can’t guess the outcome.

I was a little hesitant ordering seeing it is an international conspiracy. I simply love a good conspiracy read, but the international part sometimes throws me when they use names and places I can’t pronounce. Not a problem with this book. I love learning about foreign places with a good description of the surroundings, but this book did not really do much for explaining that type of thing. The author stuck to the storyline bringing the “hero, Tom” back and forth from the US to Israel without much for country background except for some laws and cyber stuff important to the story.

All in all I enjoyed reading this book each night before bed and secretly wished I was more technically inclined.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends Incidental Hero by Avi Domoshevizki
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Amazon Fire TV: The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide

Amazon Fire TV: The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide to learn the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick (Tips and Tricks to master streaming, digital media, … Echo, internet using Amazon Fire TV Book 1) Kindle Edition

by John Slavio  #amazonprime

I have been thinking of getting the Amazon’s Fire TV, but I didn’t know anything about it. I started searching around online for info but soon stopped after finding this eBook. It’s so much easier reading everything in one place. Now if I do order the box and need to refresh on anything, I can just go back to my downloaded eBook for the answers.

Throughout this eBook John Slavio compares the Amazon  Stick and Fire TV box to other products such as Roku to give you a brief understanding of what each product can do, similarities and what ones can’t do.

Now I am very informed about which product I want to get and it’s the Amazon Fire TV as it seems to do so much more than any of the others.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide by John Slavio
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eBook “It’s About Time” by Lyle Howard

It’s About Time: A Mysterious Time Travel Conspiracy

by Lyle Howard #ItsAboutTime

Benjamin Franklin is a remarkable author. This is the first book I have read by him and it is really a great read. He captivates right from the beginning and carries it through to the end.

The description of the book on amazon is very fitting. Captivating, exhilarating and I’ll add intense.
I really don’t want to say any more about the storyline incase my big mouth writing spoil the story for you.

If you like to read fast paced and somewhat believable conspiracy novels pick this one up for your next read, you won’t be disappointed.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends reading It’s About Time by Lyle Howard
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Air Fryer Cookbook by Daniel Alley

Air Fryer Cookbook: Delicious Air Fryer Recipes For A Healthy Diet (Delicious, Recipes, Easy, Simple, Air Fryer Cookbook)

by Daniel Alley (Author) #AirFryerBook

Thank you Daniel Alley for this very interesting and informative Kindle Edition eBook. I have been thinking of getting an Air Fryer for the past few months, but really don’t know much about them or how easy/hard they are to use. Have also been wondering just what you can make in these newfangled gadgets. LOL

I have very high Cholesterol and know that my diet needs to change along with the way I prepare my food. I am having a difficult time with the diet part so I thought if I learn to prepare my food differently I can still eat many of the things I love. Now that’s a plan I can really work with, but how. Air frying is the answer.

This Air Fryer Cookbook has really helped me to make my healthy decision. The book is loaded with information and recipes for a healthy diet, delicious recipes, easy, simple air fryer cookbook. Easy and simple, that’s what I’m made out of. LOL

Here’s a peek:
Table of Contents
What Is An Air Fryer
Why Have An air Fryer
Breakfast Recipes
Main Meals
Snacks And Side Dishes Recipes

Wow that is impressive already. Let’s peek inside. The first 3 items quickly explain all you need to know about air frying. This part was very helpful for me. On to the recipes….easy and simple (about me, remember lol.) The recipes look pretty darn good and there are enough of them to keep you fed for a long time.

Breakfast has 6 recipes such as Eggs en cocotte on toast, Breakfast frittata.
Main Meals has 7 recipes such as Beef roll up, Roasted chicken with herbs etc. etc. There is a total of 79 pages and all of the recipes look really good. There is a picture showing finished product.

I have been collecting recipes on my computer for years. I love this being an eBook instead of a regular hard copy. Computer files take up no room in my kitchen cabinets or leave my counter looking like a library. It is so easy to use this way.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends the Air Fryer Cookbook by Daniel Alley

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If You Were Me and Lived in…by Carole P. Roman

If You Were Me and Lived in… Elizabethan England

by Carole P. Roman  (Author), Paula Tabor (Illustrator)   #Elizabethan

I ordered this softcover book for my granddaughter. I like for the kids to get a little history lesson along with a fun read. If You Were Me and Lived in… Elizabethan England will really get her interested in different cultures and ways of life outside of the US. I’m hoping my granddaughter will enjoy and learn from reading this book. When/if they cover this topic in school she’ll already know much about it and “wow” the teacher and classmates.

The book by Carole P. Roman is quite informative and fun to read. Yes, I carefully read it, so does that now make it a used gift? Oh well. Anyway, it is made quite well and has lovely illustration by Paula Tabor. I enjoyed it and it was packed with information about Elizabethan England, most of which I didn’t know. So much for my history level, but now it has gone up a few notches. Just goes to show you, you’re never too old to learn something.

I also have “If You Were Me and Lived in…American West, which is also a fun book to read. There are a lot more illustrations in this book and less reading but still packed with information.

If my granddaughter reads and likes these books, I’ll be getting her some more.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends “If You Were Me and Lived in…“ books by Carole P. Roman

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Lucid Man: A Supernatural Mystery Adventure by Gil Gray #Promotion

Lucid Man: A Supernatural Mystery Adventure (Urban Fantasy & Occult Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Gil Gray #Promotio
Lucid Man by Gil Gray

The character in this story is a very advanced lucid dreamer and the feats he accomplishes are amazing.

OMG, let me tell you the end of the story…. Lol, no I wouldn’t do that to you. Besides I can’t. I haven’t finished it yet. I don’t have much time to read only a few pages at bedtime. I can tell you that this is really a good story. Thankfully I take sleeping medication or I’d have been up all night reading to the end. So be careful, it’s hard to put down.

The story starts out fast paced and just keeps on going. I haven’t found any boring parts at all. The author is very fluent and doesn’t jump around in the sorry. Gil Gray is a brilliant author/story teller.

The story itself is fictional (or is it???) It is based on lucid dreaming which I’m sure everyone has done from time to time. Personally, I love it. I get a lot of answers in the dream state. When I was in college I studied programming, I often was stuck in a project. I’d go to bed thinking of the problem code and wake in the morning with the answer. Now that isn’t really lucid dreaming, I just used that as an example of what can be accomplished while sleeping.

The character in this story is a very advanced lucid dreamer and the feats he accomplishes are amazing. I am enjoying this read very much and looking forward to the end to see if he can save the life of seriously depressed person. Can’t say anymore…go grab yourself a copy now.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends reading Lucid Man by Gil Gray

I received this product on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.

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