RORAIMA Lawn Mower Tractor Cover

RORAIMA Lawn Mower Tractor Cover

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RORAIMA Lawn Mower Tractor Cover Protector

RORAIMA Lawn Mower Tractor Cover Protector

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So what’s this so great about this Lawn Mower Tractor Cover?

Fits like a glove! RORAIMA has made a fine lawn mower tractor cover and I’m very happy with it.

Our lawnmower has been sitting out in the yard since we purchased it. No garage so can’t store it in a covered area and it is a nice mower, you must know how expensive they are so I tried this cover by RORAIMA. It fits great, covers the entire lawnmower and the tiers. RORAIMA even sends tiedown straps for windier days.

As I said, it’s nice. It comes in a storage bag with drawstring, which I’ll probably never use again but was good for shipping I guess. As I started taking it out of the bag I could tell how nice it was made.

This cover has elastic hems and ventilation flap which is a must here in Florida. (Everything rots, it’s crazy.) Roraima made this tractor cover with High-quality sturdy Oxford Fabric with PVC coating and its 100% waterproof.

My husband put the cover on the mower and we just left it to sit. I would say it was probably close to a month before I checked underneath. Sceptical? Ya, a little. Surprized? Heck ya, I was. Everything looked just the way it did when my husband covered it up. I was really expecting to see some green or worse (black) mold at least on some of it. There wasn’t any anywhere! There are these nifty air vents built into the cover that keeps airflow circulation. It’s truly a modern marvel!

Here’s a ++ for you

RORAIMA offers a lifetime warranty so no worries about spending money unwisely.

SafeBuys4U recommends the Lawn Mower Tractor Cover by RORAIMA as a safe buy for you.

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