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Extra Large Insulated Lunch Bag by Sacko

Extra Large Insulated Lunch Bag by Sacko Adult Reusable Lunch Box with Adjustable Shoulder Strap (Black) For Men, Women. Great Lunchbox for Work, Picnics, etc.

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So what’s so great about it?
OK, check out this “lunch box” cooler. I love this extra-large insulated lunch bag by Sacko. Yes it is extra-large and would have worked great for me when I was pulling long hours. Lunch and supper could easily be packed into this along with some water bottles or other large drink containers. I’m not working any more so
I really lost out on a handy lunch box back then.

Why I wanted this (item) my needs
So anyway, the reason I did get this now was exactly for its large capacity. I really like these insulated cooler bags. They are so much easier to take along on day trips or to the beach. Much better than dragging a large “party” plastic cooler. Just getting to old for all that. I do have some little insulated bags that hold a small cooler pack and about 6 cans would be just about bursting the seems, so really only pack like 4 into it. Not so with this handy extra-large insulated lunch bag. It is going to come in very handy, hold soda, bottles of water and a couple of sandwiches too.

How well I liked or disliked it
I really love it. No cons just pros.
There is a handy handle on the side for carrying and also an adjustable shoulder strap. On one side there is an open pocket for quick stash and a good-sized zippered pocket for keys, wallet or what you want to protect a bit better, or just stash away more snacks. LOL

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