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Garden Hose Nozzle Hand Sprayer by LUXYHOME

Garden Hose Nozzle Hand Sprayer Heavy Duty Metal Construction , High Pressure Pistol Grip with 8 Water Spray Patterns


One of the best garden hose nozzle hand sprayers I have ever had. It is really heavy duty; you can just feel it in your hand. Not a lightweight by any means. This hand sprayer feels good and sturdy being that it has all metal hand has baked enamel coating giving it a strong durable finish that prevents rust. High pressure pistol grip handle that has the usual 8 spray patterns. The LUXYHOME garden hose sprayer is easy to operate, just turn the dial to set the type of spray you need.

One of the first things I used it for was to spray off the bottom of a rodent cage. It blasted everything off in a very short time. Then I used the full setting on the sidewalk that was still full of debris from the hurricane Hermine. It was almost as good as using the pressure sprayer but a lot fast to use than dragging out the pressure sprayer and hooking it all up.

The shower and mister are great for my plants. Has just the right amount of water so not to hurt them. It’s also great for washing the car and blasting off all the bug marks.

This garden Hose Nozzle comes with 5 extra washers (one was already in place so 6 in all) and has a nice comfy rubber hand grip. Go ahead and order this one, you won’t be sorry. It is a great hand sprayer and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You can’t beat that.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends LUXYHOME Garden Hose Nozzle Hand Sprayer
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