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Amazon Fire TV: The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide

Amazon Fire TV: The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide to learn the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick (Tips and Tricks to master streaming, digital media, … Echo, internet using Amazon Fire TV Book 1) Kindle Edition

by John Slavio  #amazonprime

I have been thinking of getting the Amazon’s Fire TV, but I didn’t know anything about it. I started searching around online for info but soon stopped after finding this eBook. It’s so much easier reading everything in one place. Now if I do order the box and need to refresh on anything, I can just go back to my downloaded eBook for the answers.

Throughout this eBook John Slavio compares the Amazon  Stick and Fire TV box to other products such as Roku to give you a brief understanding of what each product can do, similarities and what ones can’t do.

Now I am very informed about which product I want to get and it’s the Amazon Fire TV as it seems to do so much more than any of the others.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide by John Slavio
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