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US Art Supply 36 Assorted Brush Set

US Art Supply 36 Piece Artist Long Handle Assorted Natural and Nylon Hair Brush Set w/ Canvas Storage Wrap Pouch Holder

By: U.S. Art Supply   #usartsupplyart-set

This is a nice assortment of 36 Artist’s paint brushes. I picked these up for the artist in our family. She’s always in need of supplies and I think she is going to love this artist set by Art Supply.

About the brushes

The bristles of each brush are bonded into the seamless aluminum ferrule holder to prevent bristles from falling out. That is very good. Imagine painting your masterpiece and having to pick out the bristles form you canvas. That could very easily ruin you painting. Or what if you missed on bristle and the painting dried…ah oh!

These brushes have natural & synthetic bristles made of goat hair for watercolors, nylon for acrylics and thicker hog hair for oil painting. Each type brush has color coded handles. The handles are made of long, birch wood and feel nice in my hand. Solid smooth and strong.

There is a nice canvas storage wrap with individual pockets for keeping the brushes in. the canvas rap has flips over onto the brushes and has Velcro holders on both sides. Just roll and tie closed with the attached canvas straps.

This is really a very nice artist set…I only wish I had some talent for painting. I’d keep this set for myself.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends  US Art Supply 36 Piece Artist Long Handle Assorted brushes

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