Customized Embroidered Dog Collar by Mix Paws

Mix Paws TM – Personalized Customized Embroidered Dog Name Adjustable Nylon Collar For Dog, Pet, Puppy, Black, Red, Pink, Purple

by Mix Paws

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Package arrived fast and without incident. It was so easy ordering and they shipped it pretty fast too for being customized.

Why I wanted this personalized dog collar
I really like this personalized dog collar. It is really a lot of fun for us to baby our little baby. We also have gotten him a t-shirt that reads, “You’re not the boss of me”. We love him and for us, it’s just fun. For anyone else, you could easily have your phone number, address, vets number etc. embroidered on the collar for those dreaded just in case moments.

A little about the item
I picked the black adjustable nylon collar with the red embroidered lettering.
I believe I picked the medium size 12” – 19”. My baby’s’ neck is around 15” so this collar is plenty big, but easily adjustable to the size that fits him best.

I had Mix Paws personalize the collar with, The Boss “Master” Vinny. That ended up being too many letters, so they contacted me and I changed it to, The Boss Master Vinny. I thought that was pretty good of them to let me know instead of going ahead and editing it themselves just in case I wanted to change it entirely.

So what’s so great about this item?
This personalized customized embroidered dog collar is well made and has a nice plastic clip to open and close around the pets neck. It’s not cheap, It will last a long time. The embroidery work is very good and the collar also has a metal loop attached for you to add on your pet tags, license, rabies, ID, and Home Again tags.

Anything I might change about the collar
The only suggestion I have for Mix Paws is to start the embroidery closer to the front end of the collar if it’s a longer name or address. This way when the collar is adjusted down for the smaller babes, the plastic adjuster might not cover up the embroidered lettering. Otherwise SOOO happy with it.

Would I recommend or buy again?
Absolutely! Very nice nylon adjustable, personalized dog collar.
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