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Supreme 5 Port USB Smart Charger By FREEWISE

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Supreme 5 Port USB Smart Charger By FREEWISE | Small Compact & Easily Portable | Strong Power Cable | Ideal For iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphones, Cameras, MP3 & MP4 Devices | User Manual Included


Purchas this product on Amazon.com and the regular price is $10.99, free shipping with Prime.

Package arrived fast and without incident. The charger was in it’s own strong, secure cardboard box along with directions.

Why I wanted this USB charger

I have needed this 5 port USB charger for quite a while now. I’m so excited to have the clutter on my nightstand cleaned up. Extra extension cords and wires lying all over getting mixed and tangle all the time. Not anymore with this handy USB charger station. I love it.

So what’s so great about it? A lot!

• First it cleans up the mess of wires and extension cords lying around to charge all those electronics I have collected. This is a 5 port capacity charger all in one.

• Second it is really a Smart Charger. What’s that? It’s cool, that’s what it is. Super intelligent USB charger that detects any device you plug into it.

• Third it is a 40 watt device which enables simultaneous multi-device charging. The total output current is up to 8A and each single USB interface output current goes up to 2,4A. That jargon means great speed for fast and furious multiple charging!

• Forth it is totally safe to use, CE & FCC certified smart USB charger. It has a multiple protection system and UL certification that will ensure complete protection for all devices. Supreme protection against over voltage, over current, leakage, short circuiting and voltage instabilities.

That is a lot to offer in one little device like this. Did I mention that I love it?

Safe Buys 4 U recommends Supreme 5 Port USB Smart Charger By FREEWISE
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