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Salt & Pepper Grinder Set By DIAMKITCHEN


Salt & Pepper Grinder Set By DIAMKITCHEN – Stainless Steel Spice Mill Pair With BONUS: Replacement Glass + 110gr Black Pepper + 220 gr Himalayan Salt- Set Of 2 Handheld Grinder Set With Ceramic Blades

by diamkitchen

I have wanted to get a salt & pepper grinder set for quite some time. I had been checking out a few here and there and I’m really happy I found this one by DIAMKITCHEN. It is really a very nice set. Very well made and should last me a very long time.

I have a lot of stainless in my kitchen and this grinder set really complements my range area. This set has stainless steel tops, where the grinder part is and stainless covers, the bottom jars are a heavy glass. It comes with a bonus replacement glass jar too. This I have not ever found before. Normally it’s just the two in the set. To really sweeten the deal, it comes with black pepper and Himalayan salt. Both are vacuumed sealed tight heavy plastic.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends this Salt & Pepper Grinder Set By DIAMKITCHEN…you will love it!
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