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Buena Skin Spirulina Body Scrub

Buena Skin Spirulina Body Scrub, 100% Natural, Fights Acne, Antifungal with Green Algae, Dead Sea Salts and Vitamin E

by Buena Skin #BuenaSkin

Well this seems like a very strange product to me. I used to mix and drink Spirulina and it tasted horrible. I mean really, I don’t think anything else tastes that bad. I don’t drink it anymore…lol

When I saw that Buena Skin had this Spirulina Body Scrub on the market I thought, “What the heck give it a try?” After all Spirulina is a great commodity in itself and Dead Sea Salts and vitamin E are also very beneficial in our daily lives.

I have tried a couple different body scrubs and mostly love them for their scent. One was a coffee scrub and I love coffee so it was truly a great experience.

Buena Skin Spirulina Body Scrub has a slight algae smell to it. Really it’s not all that bad though (considering again how Spirulina tastes.) So the aroma isn’t something that really turns me on but how my skin feels afterward is very rewarding. I use it on a luffa sponge and sometimes on one of those net scrubby things and its very stimulating. My skin feels like it has lotion on it after I rinse off.

This spirulina body scrub is full of great things for you skin. Read the product description to get a good idea of all the benefits packed in this little jar.

Buena Shin is a very good product and you don’t have to worry when purchasing from them. If they say (and they do with this product) that it’s 100% natural, you can believe that it is. Buena Skin is a company with confidence; they guarantee this product 100%. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will get a full refund. I love that…it really gives me a good sense that I am buying a quality item. Kudo’s Buena Skin.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends Buena Skin Spirulina Body Scrub
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Sweet Almond by Piping Rock Health Products

Sweet Almond Oil 4 fl oz

by Piping Rock Health Products

This product by Piping Rock Health Products is wonderful for your skin. Sweet Almond Oil is great for nourishing and revitalizing your skin. This is a 4 fl oz. bottle and is 100% pure and cold pressed and hexane-free. You can count on Piping Rock Health Products to be a good choice.
Sweet almond oil is great for blending essential oils for aromatherapy. It is very beneficial to our skin, reducing dark bags under your eyes, removes Impurities and dead skin cells, a great makeup remover, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and a host of other things.
Sweet almond oil doesn’t stop there. It is wonderful for your hair too. Makes your hair long and healthy, rid of split ends, can be used instead of shine enhancers and leave-in conditioners, treats dandruff and reduces scalp inflammations.

I’m not done…almond oil is also has other beauty benefit. Promotes long flirty eyelashes, ideal for massage and skin care products and also (the dreaded) stretch marks treatment.

This is only a small look at the wonders of sweet almond oil. Personally, I’m using it under my eyes to target the dark circles that have paged me for a lifetime. Also on my face for fine lines and crow’s feet. I’m also using a drop of heated oil on each nail to thicken, smooth my nails.

Safe Buys 4 U recommends Sweet Almond Oil by Piping Rock Health Products
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