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I am your blogging host and webmaster Diana Hickey. If you have any questions, you can fill out this contact form or text me on my Google phone number (321)800-TEST (8378). Leave a message and phone number, I'll get back to you. Otherwise, just brows around my site and check things out. It's pretty simple and I've tried to make it easy to get around. I have a lot of links that will take you someplace cool and informational. You should find links to save you money when shopping, get money back or some other great deal. So just keep looking around and of course, read my content.


Why I created this website in the first place.

I was sick of getting ripped off just about every time I bought something. I'm not rich (with money), so I can't always purchase the most expensive of a product line to hopefully ensure quality. Depending on what I'm buying, I try not to purchase the least expensive thing either. I guess you would say that I shop "in between". LOL that sounds kind of silly but when you're not rolling in the dough you learn to spend wisely. So learning wise shopping took me most of my life and I'm getting pretty...well, up there in years (OK, I'm old, there is said it.)


One big thing I did learn in life is to check for a guarantee/warranty. These days everything is mass made, slapped together by some over worked person usually in an assembly line and well, to put it kindly, people get tired, frustrated and just plain don't care anymore about the quality of work they put forth. Then to add insult to injury the materials used are often low grade, inferior junk. So, often, way too often, I've spent my hard earned money on a product just to have it not work right, it's broken all together or is just pain cheaply made and wont last.


Companies are getting richer and richer selling low cost goods to the consumers just to line their own pockets. Yup, you've heard that saying before time and time again. Now don't get me wrong please, Not all companies are built the same. Some actually do care about us and not just about how much they sell. Ratings have been standing the test of time and the consumer is learning to speak up and put these low grade products a taste of it's own.


How can we step up and help?

One simple word - "Reviews". For every item you buy, there is a place you can write up a review for it. You can take pictures or do a little video clip on it. Most merchant websites have a place where you can put your review on your purchased item. If not, there are still lot of places where you can. Just do a quick search for the item and find a page that will let you enter that review. FaceBook, Twitter, Google + and all the other social sites are great places to get the word out, be it a good or bad review we have to keep letting the public consumer know how we feel about that item.


How reviews help everyone.

How many times have you gone looking for reviews before you bought a particular product? I know I do it all the time. How do you figure all those useful reviews got out there? Yup, people like us, just your everyday shopper trying to find a good product and not waste time and money. So if we can get everyone to join in by reviewing product, 1. we can always find out whether its worth purchasing and 2. Just maybe we can turn a lot of the unscrupulous companies around to making better products or go out of business. See, these companies thrive on ignorant shoppers. I for one don't want to ever be in that category again again.


Who am I?

I am your everyday shopper, user of all types of products and ready to make a difference with my honest reviews. I do consumer reports where I test products and post my honest reviews on my blog, social networks and places I buy stuff at. I am a Niche Influencer and Micro-Influencer which means in short, sometimes I get paid to post my honest opinion. I'm only in the beginning stages of influencer and have a long way to go. I would really appreciate your help with growing my review ratings by liking, sharing and commenting on my reviews whenever you run across them. Look just a little bit below on this page for a list of places I review at. Follow Me!


A little bit about the personal me...

I live in the Sunshine State of Florida and enjoy many of the outdoor activities that Florida has to offer. I live with my husband, my mom and my little guy, Master Vinny. He's our son dog that is really one spoiled, loving, cool little Teddy Bear. Just recently we found room in our hearts for one more little cutie, Bella. She is a tiny little thing with lots (and lots) of energy. We already love her dearly.


Between myself and my husband, we have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. We moved to Florida from the north a few years ago and love the winters now. I so miss the snow, blizzards and the perfect beauty after a good snow storm, but the cold was just to much for both of us. So now we are planning some summer visits back home. Four of the Grand-kids are grown and 6 are still quite young. Back home visits will allow us to spend some time with all and watch the young ones grow.


If you made it reading this far, I thank you very much for your interest. Check out the rest of my site and find yourself some good deals and valuable information.



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